Holy shit! I'm pretty sure a guy might like me! What do I do?

So me and this guy were just hanging out. He's cute with a good personality for the most part. I've never seen or heard of him doing anything bad for the most part. He's a good guy. We hung out all day. We talked, joked around, and he sorta touched my butt (I didn't mind. I've got a nice butt). So anyway his little sister noticed us and started shouting, "look at the happy couple!" and instead of saying something like no or we're just friends, he said he was ok with that. So at when we finally went home he asked for hug. So I kinda think he likes me but I'm not really sure cause I've never dated anyone before and I'm 17. I'm just really socially awkward and I've always been the nerdy girl.


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  • He likes u, he likes u and he likes u!

    • I would try flirting with him

    • This is like some weird crazy hallucination. This has never happened before.

    • Dont doubt urself. Im sure u r really pretty.

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