Why wouldn't you make out on the first date if you liked them?

I saw a question saying that if you made out on the first date, would you be easy? My question is, would you make out on the first date even if you liked them? Why?


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  • Based on my history of official first dates (all of one)... yes, I have made out on them lol

    It didn't go farther than that, however. And 3.5 years later... it still hasn't. So no, I would not consider myself easy. My boyfriend will attest to the fact that I am, in fact, very difficult.

    One time a guy tried to insinuate to my boyfriend that I was cheating on him by sleeping around (we're long distance) and my boyfriend laughed at him and went, "The girl hasn't let me in her pants after 8 years of knowing her, I highly doubt the chances of some random guy who has known her for 8 minutes."

    But yeah, not easy.

    We made out because this first date was 4.5 years in the making. We'd been flirting with each other for years and years until one of us (*ahem* me) got the balls to ask the other out.

  • If two people didn't like each other they wouldn't go on a date right? Circumstances can be different and energy and chemistry can also vary. If we re talking about average date to see how we might get on and want to make a decent lasting impression that could possibly lead to something bigger than just a hook up, then having sex on a first day is out the question for me. I try to resist it even when i am really interested in the guy up until I have seen him enough to establish if there is or not a chance for a relationship and if we connect on other levels rather than just a physical attraction. Guess this is different for everyone depending on priorities as well. Sex is very important, but only as a part of potential relationship.


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