Should I move move on?

this girl texts me every two months. She asks me how I am and when I try to keep the conversation going on she does not respond though she's the one who sent me a text. We met two days ago. I took her to a sushi restaurant. I bought her lunch. I asked her how her day was by a text about an hour ago, but expectedly no response from her. She usually responds with one word sometimes doesn't even respond. But she would hang out with me almost every time I ask her out.


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  • Definitely move on. Don't allow her to use you emotionally or to keep you on a clothes line. You have patience but that's giving her too much leeway. Move on and find a girl who appreciates your time and energy

    • Yeah I already knew. It's too obvious.

    • Thing is though. If it isn't meant to be there's something better coming down the road. Just focus on you and it happen

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  • Your first sentence should answer your question. Girls like to play games. There's another guy she interested in but she's keeping you on her leash case it doesn't work out. But yeah delete her number, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, everything hah!


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  • She is using you as her entertainment I know cause a guy did the same and she doesn't want to get bored so she has you

    Yes move on get something better


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