Planned date that was suppose to take place today was cancelled by him?

But I am holding no grudges or anything beause I understad why he had to cancel the dat abnd also because I am getting to know him and I like him so I can't make all this dream for not being on a date today about it other wise I will scare him off.

The guy I met one month ago during a trip and I like him and we had arranged our first date together just him and me movie date for tonite was cancelled by him. At first I was like AHh and I felt a little sad but then I was ok. This guy the times I had texted him in all this momth I am the one initiating the text dialogue, so far he neer initiate the contact with me as the time passes by, it is me but still when I do he does reply.

Today it was him the one initiating the contact earlier in the day in order to tell me that the date has to be cancelled. He told me (My name) You are going to kill me. but I wotn be able to make it today.. I forgot the fight was today (Pacqiao-M) and I had promised my brother I was going to take it to see it. He added II really apologize but lets re-schedule for another day." My answer was. Hello (his name) No worries we can re-schedule sure.

This time though I set the day we were going to see eacgh other, cause when he said lets re-schedule he never mention date or time and that could take a loong time to come true so this time I got in control and set the date. I dont want to pass a long time to see ech other sicne we met.

So I told him I would have wanted for next week but next week I have a sports competition lets set it for the weekf after on May 16th. and he said OK. Thanks take care and good luck at the competition

i mean he was kind enough to text me earlier knowing he ha d adate with me and apologize ause he was not going to make it.

Also I doubt he will cancel the next one, cause now he is like forced to say it in a way to make it and not let
Do not answer to this post if you do not understand. I was in a hurry so I wrote it like this grmatically incorrect Noone is perfect.


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  • I don't know if he's interested or acting interested so he doesn't take you feel bad. Maybe try not texting him for a couple days and see who intiates contact first... I would lean towards he could be busy BUT the mayweather and pacquaio fight has literally been EVERYWHERE. I mean he's have to walk with his head down and avoid social media... I'm sorry but maybe distance yourself from him and not put so much effort into him... It doesn't sound like he's invested in you like you are in him.

    • I won't be texting him for a couple of days in fact I was going to text him the week we are supposed to hang out that is like just a few days before May16th. I mean he knew we had arranged to go to the movies tonite. Since I dont like boxing I did not know that fight was Today anyway so I was not aware of that fight until he mentioned it. He texted me earier in the day to tell me like he did Ohh (my name) you are going to kill me!! I wotn be able to make it today I apologize really, but I fforgot the fight was today and I had promise d my brother to watch the fight together. I do not know when he and his brother talked to make arrangements together either. He then told me lets arrange to go out another day.. I mean he was aware when he texted me to tell me he could not that we had a date today but he could not make it due to the fight- I mean liek you said EVERYWHERE people were going to watch it and him being a guy even more. So if we just said to ech other ok lets arrange for other..

    • day and did not say the exact day it could pass a month, 2 or 3 months to make a date. I guess it was beter to make it sooner rather than later and is the reason why Isaid the date in 2 weeks. Since we met one month ago we haven't seen each other in person yet, lets say today was supposed to be our first going out., do you think I will want to wait like 2 or more months to see him again? I mean if i like him I have to get to know him better so I have to see him in person for that. In previous texts fro him weeks ago, he was the one who brought it up first that we should hang out and do something.
      I do believe that if the fight was not tonite we should have gone out normally is the reason why he texted m e today early in the day to tell me Ohh (my name) you are going to kill me. He was aware there that we were going ot see each other tonite. The day we met back in the trip one month ago, we already broken the ice together, we talked and I guess we got along well back then, we..

    • exchange each other numbers to keep in touch. We are grown ups, we are not teenagers, he does not have kids or is married.

  • fix your writing and maybe i might consider answering.

    • Sorry

    • Too late cause I can't edit a comment that is already posted.

    • Noone is perfect

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