Girls.. would you date a guy like me?

I just got out of a two year relationship been three months think I'm going to start trying to date again when school starts up. I'm going to be 22.. I still live at home. I went to the police academy last year but had to recycle out and I'm going to the next class which starts in August while going to school part time. Get hired right after and work as a part time reserve officer. I have a dominant look and a muscular physique have tattoos but prettt easy going once you get to know. Love fitness/nutrition. But will still drink a beer And have a good time. Love shooting and hiking outdoor type of stuff. Have a little inner cowboy I guess. I'm just starting school though. I needed to grow up a little before I could take education seriously.. but my major is poli Sci and I would eventually like to practice law.. graduate at 26 with my BA and go to law school that following semester while working as a part time reserve officer. Hopefully be practicing law at 28. Never been so certain about my education till now. Don't want to be another uneducated arrogant cop.

Would you shy away because of the loving at home at 22 and just starting school?
Living at home not loving


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  • Umm yes definitely because you sound like you have plans and have a good head on your shoulders. It doesn't matter that you still live at home or just starting school at 22 because you are working on changing it now which heyy more power to ya. Everybody needs a little time to grow up and take education seriously which you actually didn't take that much time. Nevertheless, of course yes I don't see why not you seem like a nice and intelligent man :)


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  • You have a great head on your shoulders, ambition, drive. I've always been told motivation is the lubricant between aspiration and success.

    No. any woman should feel pros of you. if anything you should be the one to inspire their success.

    Keep doing what your doing!

  • Probably not. I hate guns. Those are my worst fears, and I cannot be around them..


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