If me and him dated do you think he'd be controlling or jealous?

a lot of people consider this guy to be ugly but there are still a handful of girls that like him. I'm not going to lie I didn't think he was cute the first time I met him and I have to admit he does have a very unique face. Anyway, he's kinda poor, wears old/ the same clothes and lives in a trailer and has a "hood" personality. He thinks that I'm too good for him and once he said "You better not start acting like you're too good for me, even though you are,". I'm not trying to brag but I consider myself an attractive girl. I have big eyes like a doll, carmel skin, hourglass figure and am well put together. a lot of guys find me attractive. I really like this guy, I don't care what his economic background is if people think he's ugly and I do want to date him. I'm however a little skeptical because I feel like he would be insecure and really controlling over me, I mean, just by him saying that I better not act like I'm too good is kind of demanding, insecure and, it was as if he was trying to force me into dating him even though I'm "too good". What do you think?
And he's so desperate to have me he even said he was gonna harm himself


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  • He's not interested. If a guy says you are too good what he means is he's too good!
    It's a brush off

    • no that's not the case because he's still trying to get me to be his girlfriend.

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    • Ok, I know nothing and you know everything.

      Good luck with your 'super-in-to-you-dude'

    • I will sweetheart lmao

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