Is it to late to go back to flirting?

I met this guy 4 months ago, most of our friends have boyfriend/girlfriend. We were the two single ones. And at the beginning, there was just A LOT of flirting coming from both sides. I never took it serious because the guy is older, and he would talk about what type of girl he wanted. Petite and blonde. But regardless of what he said about other girls he continued to flirt. Two nights within the same week, I went over to his house. Nothing happened. And from the second point on, him and I ignore each other, leaving others to assume and make comments. Once in awhile after seeing each other we will text one another. And, others my friends will send messages. And he won't respond. I'm thinking all this guy wants is the sweet almighty sex. But, I'm not just into having a booty call. At this point I just want to go back to being the flirty friends. Is it to late?


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  • I don't think it's to late. Just start up texing him again, but just occasionally, keep it short and see if he bites. If you start out texing him A lot he'll probably just be thinking S e x. Then slowly text more an more until your both back to being flirty.

    • He is soo much older than I am. I don't know what to say in a text to him. Though I know the answer. Could he just be in it for the s e x?

    • Yea, if he's much older then you He probably will just be thinking sex. That's mostly what a guy older than you will want Or think you want. He probably wouldn't want to have any other kind of relationship with someone a lot younger.

    • I'm thinking so.

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