Please give me advice about this very reserved guy that I like?

There is this new guy in my office that I like. He is very reserved. In the other hand I'm an introverted girl, but I could be very energetic and loud around my close friends. We are not in the same department so we hardly communicate. At the first time we officially get acquainted I tried to talk to him, whenever I run out of topic then talk to other people he will move away and just stand all alone. I tried to talk to him again, he answered, but will move away as soon as I talk to other people. He doesn't have any friend in his department, they can't stand him because he is very awkward. I tried to appear cheerful whenever I am near to him, hoping he found me as an approachable person. On Valentine's day I gave him chocolate, he accepted it, saying sorry he didn't prepare anything. One day I gave him food, he accepted only after I convince him to take it and that I share it with my colleagues as well. I text him several times, trying to start a little chat, but I always get rejection vibe from him. As an introverted girl I tend to over think everything, sometimes I think I annoyed him by my random text (because I am too shy to directly talk to him) or by my attempt to approach him. I never date before, I am an introverted person, I don't have any clue how to approach a man, yet I fall for a very reserved guy. Does he dislike me? Should I give up? What should I do? I am hopeless...


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