Will I ever meet a new boyfriend?

My ex and I ended around two years, our relationship was sour and rather nasty. The breakup affected me really badly due to hearing all the lies come to light afterwards.

I am a social girl and I go out with my friends to clubs etc when I get the chance to/ when they aren't with their boyfriends.

I have met a few guys since the breakup but none have ever became anything more than casual sex or a friendship.

I am terrified that I will never meet anyone again as I now have major trust issues that I have been working on and I'm sure the guys I've been casual with can sense it

Will I ever meet someone :/


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  • The trust issue really cuts away at the core of a relationship. If a girl says she loves me but she doesn't trust me, I feel insulted; it doesn't matter whether she explains that her last boyfriend cheated on her, because I am not her last boyfriend.

    The problem here is that the trust issues really come into focus once you are in a sexual relationship. Trust takes time to establish but you are probably rushing into sex because it seems to be a trusting way of expressing your affection for a guy. Try approaching relationships with the attitude that you will not have sex until trust is established. Be up front with guys on this issue. Some will quickly forget your name but that only means that you have weeded out some losers who would not have been legitimate contenders anyway. This advice may seem counterintuitive to you but I think it might work if you stick with it. The other option is to get into counselling/therapy to deal with your trust problem. Post another question asking ladies how they re-established the ability to trust a man after a boyfriend has been unfaithful. Good luck!


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  • you dont meet a boyfriend, you meet a stranger, then you work on it, to later turn in to something. if you won't commit to someone again you most likely won't. but i guess thats easier said that done cause of your past experience.

  • You will not until you try to find someone so it depends on u n your mind?

  • yes you meay some one whom your mind like so much.


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