Why are girls mad at me and blocking me?

Since I'm in high school, I've been talking to almost everybody (SERIOUSLY!). Girls liked me and I was getting them everywhere, getting the guys jealous. Some actually wanted to go out with me. I tried my best to not be in a relationship and just want be friends with them since my parents don't want me to date and I care about education as much as socialization.

Overtime, the girls started to get away from me. I made a couple of mistakes before, like I made a a bad joke or I made a girl uncomfortable (both at which I apologized and I didn't do again). I'm somehow having a feeling that these girls are getting upset that I'm not paying attention to them and that I'm talking to other people.

One of the girls who actually liked me but I ended up friend zoning said to be that "she used to like me, but [she] found that there are a bunch of girls coming after me." Another girl at was so kind to me and friendly; I just didn't really talk to her that much and when I talk to her now she would give me a few words or ignore me. Later on, she would block me on every social media site she has me on. This third girl is somehow confusing me. This girl like blocked me a few days ago. Then yesterday, I meet her at a softball game and she smiled to me, talked to me, and actually took a bunch of snapchats of me (more to me than to her friends) and would always circle my face in the photo :). I ended up sending her snapchats of people I was talking to since I talked to A LOT of people. Then that night, she and her friend was at the baseball game, so I sent her and her friend a snapchat…and guess what, she blocked me.

I don't know what is going on, are people losing hope in me that I won't be paying attention to them because I have to say, these girls have dates (except the 1st one). Do they really want to talk to me and I hurtled them? Should I continue talking to them?
Also, I want to know how can I fix this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe you've given of the impression of leading them on or over cockiness due to having a bunch of girls after you.
    I'm not saying you are any of this but they might have the wrong impression


Most Helpful Guy

  • you strung then along unintentionally and it backfired


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  • Maybe you lead them or kind of being a tease to them and that's not the best thing...


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  • Sounds like they are acting Bi polar. Just keep doing what your doing. You can't control their moodiness. That's their problem.


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