He likes me but he is too shy to approach me, semester ends next week so what should I do?

So I go to this 1 day class a week in my college, and there is a guy who sits a few seats away from me. He keeps staring at me all the time and sometimes I stare back. The only problem is I’m too shy to make a conversation or approach him first. Also, I'm not trying to say that I'm the best looking girl in the world, intact I think I'm average looking, but I’ve been told by several guys before that I come off as intimidating because of my looks at times.
Anyway, I managed to get a hold of his name and looked him up on Facebook, where you could see his profile picture which was with his brother (they seem extremely close). I didn’t add him however, because the class has like 200 people and since I never talked to him in person adding him is just plain wrong and creepy.
2 weeks ago he came in to class, sat in his usual seat (3 seats away from me) and then the guy in his profile picture (his brother), came along with him and sat right next to me, I think he brought him to kinda talk to me so he could approach me though him, but his brother didn’t talk to me as well. 30 minutes before the lecture ended, his brother got up and said something to him and then left.
Last week, he came by himself, he kept staring at me but still didn’t talk, by the end of the lecture I could see he was a bit annoyed but I just can’t make myself approach him first. So we have one lecture left (the final exam) and then we are basically going in separate ways.
I really want to get know him and i’m sure he likes me. I kind of gave up on the idea that he will talk to me first, so what should I do? Again I don’t want to add him on Facebook because I feel like its plain creepy and stalkerish lol. Please help!


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  • 1) My girlfriend looks were hot which made her intimidating. She's the shy type but after eye fucking eachother for long she made small talk got my number and now where together.
    2) Looking at eachother gets old and creepy after a while , be brave and wave at him before the interaction.
    3) he's not expecting you to be confident... My girlfriend was shy but it was cute. by the way I found a new level of respect for her courage he will think your awesome trust me... Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain he'll most likely lead the convo after you begin.
    4) Realise that if you fail so what semesters over will he look at you next semester and hold a banner saying "SHE ASKED ME OUT WHAT A LOSER" NO.
    5) When you first talk to him it won't matter if you talk about the subject of your study or actual shit he doesn't care about what your saying but rather who is saying it. But a good pointer is to talk like your making freinds with him on the first day of school and build from there.
    Do you think the greatest achievers in the world simply get what they want? No they GO get what they want.


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  • Just talk to him😘😘


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  • If you sure he like you then you HAVE to make the first move because he probably won't. Since you said you're "going separate ways" after next week that should be more motivation to do it. Just ask him if he wants to hang out sometime or get some lunch. I doubt he will think it's creepy or weird.

  • Talk to him ask him to go somewhere with you. I have the same problem sometimes and if a girl were to kinda help you out or get things moving life would be so much easier and would go smoothly.

  • nothing can be doe. there is no place in the world of love for guys like us.


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