Did he make a move on me?

I have this guy friend who tries to flirt with me a lot, and last night he came over to play smash and I was already sitting on the couch and after he walked in, he put his hand on my shoulder and he said hi while leaving his hand on my shoulder for a couple more seconds. I have no idea what "make the first move" means. Could him leaving his hand on my shoulder for a couple seconds could be the first move? My roommate said that she is leaving for Seattle today for two weeks, and a conversation came up of how quiet and lonely it will be with me all my myself. This is a great opportunity for this friend to get to know me better and hang out with me alone, and he has my number. Guys, if you were in his position and you knew that the girl have feelings for was going to be home alone for two weeks, and you had her number, would you text her and ask her to hang out?


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  • If I figured she liked me and I liked her I would call or text to hangout no matter if the roommate was leaving or not. If he tries to make a move only NOW she is out the yoru house then he just want to screw you privately. I'd be aware of that. As for him making a move with his hand on your shoulder a few "seconds longer" I think your over analyzing it a bit.

  • hey.. welcome to GAG ... have a seat and wait for ur answer to be posted by another contestant


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