My girlfriend is not texting me.. is there something wrong?

my girlfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for about 5 months now and she is finally coming back in three weeks! The problem now is that finals are around the corner and we both have our finals, but these days she haven't been texting me a lot. Usually whenever I wake up, I get texts from her. Its like we have never been a day not talking to each other. So I decided to text her and asked her if she was studying her a** off thats why she didn't text but she told me she's been doing not much lately like being on her phone, hitting the gym and stuffs. Im like wtf... And now we haven't been talking for almost two days. Should I be texting her? Cuz she might just read my messages and just forgets about it after doing her stuffs or should I give her as much space as she can until her finals are done? Help meeee ><


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  • You should ask her why she hasn't been texting you.


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  • I think you should give her space... I mean texting you can be like engaging in a conv. For a time which she may don't have time. So give her space don't text her like crazy but you can send sweet and small text like after she fall asleep, etc
    This way you will be in touch while you both don't have to waste time in long conversation.


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