Should I text him? Not sure if I should just leave it?

So we've been dating really casually for over a month. After a night out, I stupidly text him asking what we were doing about other people. That was pretty much all I said. That was 2 days ago and I've not heard from him since. It's literally the longest we've gone without texting. Should I text him or should I just accept that I fucked up and move on?


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  • You should just wait until he textes you back.

  • Don't text him relationship definers - ask in person or at the least over the phone. Wayyy better to do it in person where you get their body language... in a couple days be like hey... hope you are having a good day... miss you. Leave it at that. When you see him next - (btw let him plan that - don't initiate that) you can gently bring it up.


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