Is meeting girls in classes a bad idea?

If it gets awkward it will be for all semester. If not where is a good place to meet girls. I'm kind of passively looking for a relationship. Waiting to meet someone I naturally connect with. I feel like a class is the only way is that true?


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  • It's worth a shot. It's hard to meet girls in person in our age group, since most of them are put off by men approaching them (because they're stuck up.)

    You're better off either on the internet or by mutual friends.


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  • Yeah kind of... It's alright to talk to them for the 3 months or so of class and then date them after, but I never liked dating girls in my courses while I was taking them. I will say though, it's far worse to fuck the TA... lol :D Even though she went crazy, I still managed to land an A-... I probably deserved an A though... You pay to go to school, make sure you get what you pay for. Don't shit where you eat basically. Same goes for work.

  • Classes do put you in close proximity to girls you might not otherwise meet. But you can meet people anywhere, any time.

    • With women your age, that's true. Unfortunately, women in my age group are stuck up and sit on their cell phones all day and call every man who approaches them a "creep" or "weirdo." Technology has ruined the art of approaching.

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