Neediness after sex, turn off?

So basically I've been seeing this guy and I've met him total of 4 times, i spendt the weekend at his place and we had lots of fun. But he yesterday was honest and said he doesn't want me to fall in love with him because he doesn't want a girlfriend, that is totally cool with me.
Question is how do i continue seeing him and keeping things casual without being needy?
How do i keep things cool?


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  • Limit the amount of affection between you two and possibly talk a little less often and only about meeting up. FWBs are insanely tough to not get feelings from for many and one usually cuts off ties with the others in fear of that.

    • I was going to text him today but than i was like oh wait no dont do that, we had a lot of sex this weekend so he might think im attached..

    • It shouldn't be a problem unless you're texting him again 5 minutes later asking why he's not responding and such.

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  • If you are not a guy's girlfriend and you are being needy it is a HUGE turn off.
    When you're actually his girl, you can be needy all you want and even if it annoys him, apart of his commitment to be with you, accept you, and maintain a relationship means he has to be patient with it. But when you're just a f*ck buddy/a piece of a** whom he's attempting to have limited benefits of girlfriend-like stuff with, he'll want to replace you.

    You really just have to find it in yourself to steep your value system to the low level of being perfectly okay with willingly being used and using another man. You have to get it engrained in your mind that you are nothing greater than a replaceable, disposable piece of ass.

    • Harsh words but i mean I've never done this and i dont know how to continue with it

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    • Why are you being so desperate and thirsty?

    • anonymous is right! if you didn't bother enough about him to post stuff here, then it would have been ok to keep having sex with him. It is when you are "expecting" things and caring too much not to act needy that the fuckbuddy-system starts being self-destructive. I've done it a few times, and sometimes it worked because I wasn't too involved. If you start posting stuff here, it's because you care too much about the person or situation!

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