Are males online all crazy?

i know not all are-- but esp in my area... theyre all crazy.. it's scary. I had two guys ditch me last week.. for no reason and both harassed me after. one sexually harassed me. i was sexually assaulted a few weeks ago by a psychopath... i was talking to a guy- he said he was going out of town yesterday. He didn't really invite me but sort of. Then disappeared.. then today he bragged about how much fun he had, friends he made, sent pics through text. he asked me what i did... i said i went to see stand up comedy famous comedian and other stuff. then he called me and said he HATES texting left a vm message then went on a rant about how he hated texting but he was the moron texting me?

i saw a comedy show with a guy.. during the main part of the show, the jerk i went with, began laughing in this crazy way--it was distracting and draining. it was REALLY draining. at first i cudnt think straight and got dizzy. i'm about 99% sure he did it on purpose... the first act he didn't do that- when the main person came this guy went nuts- but he wasn't laughing normally... it was a forced fake laugh but also really weird.. it wasn't normal. i know he did it to sort of 'ruin' my experience (ive had weirdos online pull that crap before).. it was working. i cudnt focus on the show, think straight... then i thought.. if i dont say something im going to suffer this whole show. eg the people next to me were LOUD but their laugh was natural.. they were laughing at the show not trying to aggravate me.. this date WAS trying to bother me...

so i finally politely just asked him if he could keep his laugh down--i felt bad trust me but i had no choice.. he then went silent.. then, after the show he was COLD RUDE.. i know that he wanted to make me miserable either way and be negative.. since i said something now he was goign to make me feel guilty about it.. then he began insulting and putting me down... he said "you say u make 1000 a day then GIVE me money for the ticket"... i was like wtf? i guess why are guys online c
why r males online so crazy, secondly why do many of them seem to hate that im happy and enjoying a show, so they do things to bring me down or upset me.. this last one was bad.. this guy just wanted me to suffer it seems.. and i held out until i had ot say something.. when he stopped laughing so oddly, i enjoyed the show and was happy.. he HATED that and didn't talk to me after and began harassing me..(it wasn't cuz of what i said its b/c i was happy).. just crazy and I've had other guys do sim


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  • well the moral of the story for you is to stop dating online i guess


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  • Yes they are and creepy and pervs


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  • Find a a real boy. Or join my team. Jk 😛


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