Why is he ignoring me?

a couple of days ago me and my boyfriend got into a fight. He usually always gives me the silent treatment when were fighting. yesterday he was talking to me but not properly sending me a message here and there. i called him and after a while he picked up and i said i need to talk and he said he's going to work so he will call me in the morning (he does night shifts). he didn't call me in the morning so i started throwing him long messages and literally called him over a 100 times and he didn't answer i was calling him now and he declined my calls but did not reply to my message or tell me straight up if he was done with me. does he want to break up or is it a fight? its not unusual for him to ignore me when were fighting caz he's told me he does it so he doesn't say anything wrong or hurtfull while angry.


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  • He needs some space. He seems like the type that does not like to fight for too long


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