What's going on in this situation?

There's a guy in my class who I thought I had became friends with... We went out for coffee twice. I initially asked him wanting more than friendship and he accepted not mentioning any Girlfriend or anything.. then days later I walked over and he was on the phone and admitted it was his GF. I established from then and there I was just trying to be friendly.

We went for coffee twice since then and had nice times. On one occasion he made a comment saying, "Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around bad timing".

But now things are weird and we barely talk after hanging out. If we do talk, it's about class or exams via email. Yet he looks over at me in class quite a bit.


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  • What's going on? Sounded like there was a possibility that you guys may hook up, then he decided not to follow it through because he has a girlfriend.

    I think he's done a good thing. Good bloke.

  • seems as though he wishes he had met you before his current girlfriend


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