Should I let him go?

I met this guy on twitter about a year and a half ago. He is from England and i am from America. After we met, we started talking on kik and we exchanged pics & he was absoltutely GORGEOUS. i for suer thought he was a catfish. but then we facetimed and its the same guy. i was so amazed. anyway we talk on the phone every day since then so we are extremely close. but the thing is, we never met in person. i love him so much, but it always seems like he has excuses or is avoiding coming here. he's insitant that we will meet one day but i feel like that day is never going to come since its been so long :( its so hard to let him go since i talk to him so much. any advice?


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  • seems likes he's hidin sth... ever asked him y he avoids it?

    • his work schedule is hectic, he says its very hard for him to get days off for work. but I don't ask for much, I even offered for him just to come up for the weekend when he's off, and stay maybe on a Friday or Monday to make it a 3 day weeknd with me. one day off shouldn't be that hard to get off work

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  • Believe me I've been there, the best advice I can give you is let him go, it will save you a lot of suffering, because even if he isn't hiding anything and he goes there, he'll end up leaving again, and you'll feel brokenhearted, so unless you both are going to live in the same place any time soon, and by any time soon I'm referring to maximum a couple months, I'd just leave him, it'll be the best for the both of you


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  • If this guy ever does come to America, visit him with a friend because you might need backup if he ends up being a creep or something. Seriously, you never know, especially since you've never seen him in person.


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