I want this to work so badly. Can someone help?

I have gone to school with a girl for a couple years now and I have always liked her but I thought I was just a ghost to her. well she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Halloween night actually. We started talking the next day and apparently she has always like me too but she thought she was a ghost to me! We have been talking since and I have found out we have a ton in common. She is everything I love in a girl. EVERYTHING. We hung out a lot and she would come to my hockey games all the time. A few nights ago we were in my room watching a movie and we started making out. After she didn't want to watch the movie anymore so we were just listening to music. She told me that she is incredibly into me but one of her ex's completely screwed her over so now she has trust issues. She tells me she doesn't want a relationship right now and she is sorry for kissing me but she just can't help it. I completely understand that she doesn't want a boyfriend right now. I told her that and she got mad I think. when we talk now she gives me one word answers or won't respond at all. We weren't dating before but she was calling me baby and all that stuff and now I don't exist. I told if she doesn't want to talk anymore she should just tell me. she immediately said she says she wants to talk but just as friends because she doesn't want a relationship. so I don't know if she doesn't talk to her friends or what but I'm getting kind of aggravated. like I said I want it to work very badly. ADVICE PLEASE


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  • It sounds like you were a rebound guy... She thinks she's better than you and doesn't want you anymore. You are treating it as if you are in a relationship... But you're not. This never was a relationship. You want it to be, but it's justa fling. She isn't perfect, you're just putting her on a pedestal and moving too quickly. Be a friend.


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  • Wow you really did something to p*ss her off. Maybe you were absolutely clueless to the fact that you were both acting like you were in a relationship regardless of not calling it one. I don't know what the context of your conversation was, but you said something that really wasn't good.

    For the future, avoid issues like that. Say this with me "hey, lets just focus on the present. I really enjoy being with you" and don't expand at all.

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