So pretty much everyone but me can get hot girlfriends?

I mean, hell, when I'm not stuck in a bout of self-hatred I know that I'm actually a nice looking guy, but still. Of the people I know who have had really attractive girlfriends (or then all of them since 90% of the people I know have a girlfriend who is actually easy on the eyes) one is fat, a couple or short, some are docuhebags, and some are just plain ugly, HOW IS IT THAT I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN'T GET A GIRLFRIEND? Seriously, no matter what I say or do, it's gotten to a point that I've sworn off dumb girls and just laugh at the little fools and their dumb relationships, I mean, honestly, I don't need any weak bonds holding me down, it's worthless, relationships, they're worthless, I DONT NEED ANYBODY!!! But still, why is it me, always me, only me... I bet it's because I'm black, stupid mostly white school, it's like Everybody Hates Chris...


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  • As a female, it's off putting that all you seem to care about is looks. You're not looking for just a girlfriend, or a girl who has a good personality, or a girl with similar goals/interests. You're solely looking for a girl who is hot.

    While I totally agree that looks matter, when someone is so desperate about one shallow aspect, it's not attractive. I'd never date a guy if I thought his main reason was my looks. In fact I work hard to avoid that.

    • HAHAHAHA, yup lady, you is smart ma'am! Believe me, I wish all I wanted was looks and sex, but I know one moderately average-ish girl interested in me that I could never date or even sleep with because I hate talking to her, my issue is that personality is a major factor and I have no interest in a woman I cannot hold a conversation with.

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    • What are you talking about? Nobody can or even wants to help me, people relish my misery, haha, only wish I could make them feel it too. I mean, look, I already know I'll likely commit suicide one day, so I can't really be helped anymore. Besides which, I speak that way to everybody, guy.

    • Sounds like you have issues a lot more serious than just not being able to get a girlfriend. You should go seek some pro help, but as far as this site goes, there's no body more helpful then @vmw2008, so try to be more respectful, is all i'm saying, don't treat her like she's just some other person that you're angry with. There maybe people you're mad at and some of them may even deserve some of your ranting, but she's the furthest from it. She's very kind and gives amazing advice. She can only help you, man. So stay on her good side.

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  • Dude why are you always talking like that in your questions? Your self confidence is just fucked up... Have you ever tried to talk to girl? To ask her out? If you are waiting for girls to come to you they won't... Why don't you make the first step? If this girl rejected you then to the next one... And that's all, it's not that hard.

    • I do try talking to girls, I do approach them, and usually try waiting a week to ask them out, but, things often don't go as I plan, and I tend not to notice girls that did like me until they've moved on, go figure. Basically, a lifetime of social isolation from my peers has screwed me up rather badly.

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  • Maybe they're not all hot and your standards are just low.

  • suck it up...

  • Why worry about it so much?

    • Because I seek to prove myself to be better than those assholes in my school, before it can prove my superiority I need to show that I'm their equal.

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