Is my being black stopping me from getting a girlfriend?

HAHAHA, apparently it's some sort of horrific affliction. Honestly, I feel as if it's stopped me from ever getting a girlfriend, hell, I view it as what stops girls... and people in general, from talking to me. My school is mostly white so I'm screwed, haha! At this point I don't even bother talking to girls, after all, I'll always be black, right? HAHAHAHA, you see, everyone else at my school can easily get a girlfriend, even a hot one, but me, NOPE! And all because of the color of my skin and texture of my hair, haha, what a shocker! Ah humans, such pathetic and worthless creatures, yet another reason to hate them!


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  • If you can judge people negatively based on their looks, what’s to stop them from judging you the same way?

    But seriously, given the way you're presenting yourself right now you don't seem like a very nice person to be around.

    • Ah, well, you see, I'm far more compassionate than most people, why you may ask? I utterly despise the human race with a burning passion, but still find it in my heart to show kindness to those most humans (and I do spit that word out) would walk past and ignore. You see, as I see it, I'm either superior to the humans that have made my life hell or I'm below them, and I refuse to view myself as below such evil creatures.

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    • The world is SO much bigger than you realize. For me, everything turned around in college. You re-examine your past experiences. /You learn from it./ You toughen up. You surround yourself with people who emit positive energy -- wait…you hate people. Never mind. It boggles my mind why you’d even want a girlfriend. Now that you’ve shown your true colors, what girl would even want to be your girlfriend? Why not lock yourself up in your basement forevermore in self-pity. You were isolated your whole life, so it reasons that you’ve never experienced true friendship before. You’ve got so much hatred bottled up inside you and you blame everyone else for it -- what’s so attractive about that?

    • Screw your logic and screw you, you've not suffered like me, you don't know what it's like to live an entire life without friends, how can I feel anything but hatred? You understand NOTHING.

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  • Way to deflect the real problem.

    It's not your skin color bro, or the "pathetic and worthless creatures" that go to your school.

    It's your mindset and how you think, talk, hold yourself, right now your not seeming to be very fun to talk to,

    • Well, excuse me for not being bright and happy, I played that shtick for a long time and it just made me even more angry and vengeful, wanna blame someone for who I am, blame mankind, not me.

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    • Why should I give a shit about the entirety of mankind? Mankind, the entirety of it, regularly fucks one another over, most people I've met have fucked me over, I'm just going by experience, most people are pieces of shit.

    • Sounds like the issue lies with the people that you let into your life,

      I'm sorry that your personal experiences are shit, but that doesn't mean that humanity is quite as bad as you think it is. Just that you have had more bad experiences then others, and I'm sorry for that. But the power still lies with you over the people you hang-out with, talk to, and care about.

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  • You can't assume every rejection is because your black, because it's not. But you may have a harder time in the dating time. I've been told "I don't date black girls" a hundred times you just got to pick yourself and dust yourself off. Why stop when the one may be just around the corner.
    "Anyone can stand anything for about 10 seconds. So after those 10 seconds are done start on a new 10 seconds

    *singing voice*
    Just take it 10 seconds at a time"
    Seriously just take it one step at a time and you'll get somewhere. If a black guy in the 40's could he a girl I'm pretty sure you can too

  • Lots of white girls like black guys though!

    • Yeah, and they're usually either:
      On drugs
      Getting back at daddy
      Or the black dude has money

    • Be the last one..

    • Why, to betray my own people once I have cash and have girls liking me for my money and nothing more?

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  • It's cause we look different from the normal Hollywood stars bro. Don't take it too personally...

  • Yes it is ur skin color that is why. have u not seen the millions of white girls that date black dudes. Stop feeling sorry for ur self and take ur black ass and get one of them snow bunnies!

  • School is such a tiny period of life. You'll get out of that place at some point and find other communities to be part of.

  • I used to think the same thing, but then I grew up, changed my wardrobe, cleaned myself up and started going out more.


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