Emotionally Draining Situation

I met a girl through mutual friends and we hit it off. We've hung out in a groups a couple of times and always seemed to have a good time. The in person interaction didn't really seem like anything out of the ordinary.

She gave me her number to get some old class notes I had, for a class she was now in. We talked on Facebook a bit, and started texting back and forth.

A couple of times she has texted me from the pub saying that she was there and I should come see her. The last time this happen I wasn't able to go, so I said how about we get dinner later in the week. She responded with an emphatic acceptance.

The day we are suppose to go out I call her to finalize details. She doesn't answer the call, and never calls back.

Why would she call me to hang out, then completely flake on me like that?

Should I try and see why she did, or just take the hint?


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  • I would try at least this once. CHeck to make sure it wasn't some flukey situation that came up where it is understandable that she would forget. Otherwise, it sucks but I mean if a girl is really into a guy, there is no way she is going to forget about a 'date' with him, no matter how casual. Try again though- just because she might not be hysterically into you yet doesn't mean she won't be if you give it a chance ;)


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