Is it a date or not?

If he picks you up ( and he has to drive like 45 minutes to do so) and insists on paying for things, but its been a couple of dates and no kiss... were those really dates? Were we just hanging out?
I don't want to ask him, because if they are dates it might seem like I'm judging his efforts.
We also have plans to go out again so... advice?
How to get that kiss maybe?


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  • yeah I think those are dates :) and just try and make hints at it, glance down at his lips here and there. maybe jokingly at some point say "sooo you gonna kiss me yet?" and then laugh a bit... you could always make the first move too :) I think a guy would really like that.


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  • Yes, it is a date, but you are judging this date based on your own standards, which is selfish

  • Probably just two friends hanging out.


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