Dinner, motorcycle, movie. Date? Just hanging out?

This guy asked me to "hangout" on Saturday night and for some reason he said it wouldn't be weird or anything because half his friends are girls. He also said "maybe I'll make a another good friend" when we were firguring out the details of the night. Anyway, we grabbed dinner but paid for ourselves then he took me on his motorcycle and the grabbed a movie. I insisted I paid for my own ticket but he said he got it. So was this a date? Or?
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I don't know if it matters but he was really gentlemanly and opened the doors for me, offered help etc. we also hugged at the end of the night


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  • It's a date you never even knew about. This guy is a baller.

    • What do you mean by "this guy is a baller"?

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    • Yes he is surly a player. He has many other "female friends" lying behind that helmet motorcycle. Especially since you payed for your own dinner.

    • Thank you for your honest opinion. Very helpful!

Most Helpful Girl

  • my ex turned friend does this. he just really likes to be around girls, doesn't like guys very much. he's protective of them and mostly plays the big brother but also flirts and cuddles because that's his personality. he usualy doesn't mean anything by it.


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  • since he said hangout and mention his friends then its not a date!

  • sounds like a date to me

  • It is not a date.


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