Am I being played? Dated a guy for about a month, there was a lot of sexual chemistry and hanging out.

Dated a guy for about a month, there was a lot of sexual chemistry and hanging out. All of a sudden he became distant after we had sex the first time. He said his ex was back in the picture and things were getting serious between us and he couldn't let it go far as he wasn't sure what he was doing. Fair.

He told me he does like me and was not using me at all, just bad time for him to be dating... I stop talking to him, but he is still liking my Instagram photos. I don't understand why he's making that communication through social media? We dontvtalk at all. Its been literally 4 weeks. And its not like he just started doing that. It was happening right after he called it quits.

I don't want to read too much into it since I can see he likes other women's photos and a ton of cam girls... question is, if the ex was back in his life... why feel the need to continue to follow cam girls/like the photos of ex's?

Any advice?


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  • Because it's easy to keep a dumb chick strung along that way. Most of them don't know what's even happening. The moderately intelligent ones ask questions on public forums...

    He's a player and he gave you a lame excuse which, for some reason, seems to work in our liberal society. You became a tool the second you believed his bullshit. You even called it "fair". Jeez...

    Let's just imagine there really is an Ex. He's keeping contact with all of you so that he doesn't burn any bridges. This way, if it doesn't work out or if he just needs some quick pussy one night he'll contact that one chick who he had "great sexual chemistry" with. They are usually down. Wam, Bam, Thank ya' ma'am. That's how it works.

    Can't really blame him either. If chicks fall for this stuff and let this shit happen to them then who is to blame?

    • I already said Im not talking to him. All this activity would have made me send him a message or asked him. But I have not because I don't fall for shitty excuses.

      I said 'fair' because who wouldn't agree with someone who said they didn't want to string them along? It doesn't mean I fully believe it but I agree with someone breaking things off instead of riding it out and using someone.

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    • Sweetie, nobody is saying you're getting back with him. I'm just saying that your intuition was incorrect. Jeez. Stop being butt hurt and start being rational.

    • I'm doing fine actually, your tone is rather nasty for those seeking advice. Cheer up ;) abd thanks for the chat.

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  • If his ex is "back in the picture" then chances are you're a rebound and he's imagining her face, her scent, her uniqueness attached to your vagina. :/ Steer clear of that situation!

    Some guys just do that just because they can. It's more of an ego thing less of a "you really mean something" thing.


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  • he's immature and doesn't know what he wants.


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  • It really sounds like he was just using you, and since he already got what he wanted he's not interested anymore.


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