Men only have the same amount of dating options when?

They are at the top of the food as far as looks and/or money. When you match up these types of guys vs. the same type of women, Women always win.

Below average looking men have little to no dating options (unless they have money) while below average looking women have more options then even some average looking men (unless the guy has money to go along with his average looks)

Average looking women have more dating options than above average looking men (unless they also have money, then they might have more).

Even obese women have more dating options than obese men. (unless he has money) its rare for a guy that's obese to have a wide range of dating options (don't let the politically correct B. S. fool you) and even if fat women only have a better opportunity at having sex than fat and/or below average looking men, that's at least better than nothing... That very little bit attention from the opposite sex can go a long way. Only people who are spoiled and conditioned to "having it all" would try to make it seem like the fat woman doesn't have it any better than the relationshipless sexless guy.

So in conclusion, guys only have more dating options when they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to looks and/or money.


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  • Is this a question or?

    • Yes its a question. Its kinda like the do you agree or not type.

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  • I think, you are feeling, like you have limited options when it comes to the opposite sex. Am I correct? I think that it comes down to confidence. Maybe if you work on your confidence level, you won't be left with 'the bottom of the barrow'.


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  • I disagree somewhat. Men do have less dating options due to things i won't get into now, but in the context of your question, I've seen master players that looked average or were poor. Obese women... look again pal, look who they are with. Some of those guys are not Christian Grey themselves. Women can get laid hands down faster than any guy, but in terms of dating and relationships, ugly women won't get THAT guy as much as the average dude won't get THAT girl. I know some women who have even given up on finding a good partner. But sex only... yes that is where men will fall short.

    • Sex is better than nothing

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    • They aren't naturally coming to you unless you have the looks and money

    • "and she goes for him, why not?" makes her sound like a hypergamous prostitute to me.

  • I don't know, I have quite a few people interested in me and I don't think I look amazing. Lol I've just started talking a lot...

    • Maybe fortune is on your side.

    • Hmm I don't know cuz I've also shut down a lot of people lol. And I know many guys who won't consider going with certain types of girls, not all being the best looking themselves. Maybe scene plays a role.

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