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I'm a sophomore in college, 19 years old, never been kissed. Is there a problem here? I have never had a boyfriend, been in a relationship etc, etc. How do I know when the moment is right? How do you kiss a guy for the first time? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!


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  • trust me, it's better not to have a boyfriend than to have a really horrible person become your boyfriend and rip your heart apart and not care about you. people take different amount of time before they find their bf,some sooner or later than others-i think enjoying the moment of singlehood is the best until you meet a really sweet guy who'll treat you right. I have met just a lot of jerks, and I've been single for a long time since then. so my advice to you is not to feel sad that you haven't had a boyfriend yet but definitely be selective


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  • No, there isn't a problem. You are totally normal. There are plenty of people your age in your position. Stop stressing.

  • I'm actually in the same exact position you are, but I'm 20 lol. All of my friends have kissed guys/been in relationships and I used to sort of be embarassed to say that I had never been in a relationship or even really kissed a guy, like I legit thought there was something wrong with me but I realized I was being melodramatic and eventually just go over it lol. I figured that when it happens it happens. I'd rather not try to hard or rush it and end up getting myself into a bad relationship just because I was desperate. I'd say just don't worry about it, do your normal everyday things and it's bound to happen. Probably when you least expect it.

  • There is no exact moment you can pinpoint. It'll just happen honestly.

    Question... Do you have lots of guys that are "friends?"

    • I have a few. Not too many. Maybe 3-4 close friends and 7-10 acquaintances.

    • Well, not sure if it'll help you ,but from my own experience...

      I had a harder time dating because I had so many guy friends. It took a while to find a guy comfortable with me having close guy friends. so, that could be part of the problem.

      ultimately though do you ever just go out on your own... like the library, track, etc... and put yourself out there to meet other people or do you just stick with the usual crowd?