Girls, trouble dating because guys are to intimidated by hot girls?

so I've heard that its sometimes hard for beautiful girls to date because guys are to intimidated by there atractiveness, is this a thing? i mean I've been intimidated but i lack expierience.
  • yes , I've seen or heard from others i know.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • What I know is that I practically never get asked out, but guys look at me a lot.
    And when I'm the one making the move when there's someone I'm really interested in, they are all so happily overwhelmed and on "I never thought that you bla bla" mode. It's getting annoying.

    • oh I'm sorry to hear that, but i guess plus side just think of what the guy that would approach you might be like. i hope it works out for you.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I've heard about it and I think that it's stupid. I mean if I was a guy--even average looking--and I had my brain, I bet I could have more women's numbers than half the guys on here.

    There's really nothing to it. There may be a chance that the hot girl rejects you but even an AVERAGE or a below average in your mind could reject you. So... why they're hindering themselves based off of that, I have no clue?

  • I feel like this could be a thing, i sometimes wonder if maybe this is my problem but then again i don't know. I also sometimes think i'm stupid to think that haha but yeah i don't know anyone with this problem but i do think it's a thing. I get intimidated by hot guys, they talk to me but i'm like nooo, i can't date you, i'm too scared by your attractiveness haha. I have actually said that to a couple guys.

  • The prettiest girls I know are either taken or have a line of guys after them. I can see some guys being intimidated but not so much where they'd be single and lonely

  • Yes, it's a thing. But not ALL guys.


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