Why are people quick to call a beautiful person shallow for rejecting an ugly person?

I personally don't get it, we all judge people based on their looks no matter how much we try to deny it. Fact is looks are a first impression and pretty much everyone attempts to go for people in their league or below because let's be real that's who they have a chance at dating. A guy who is a 3 in looks is not going to be getting a girl who is a 9 in looks, let's be real lmao.


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  • this is stupid... honestly... look, you can't judge a book by it cover, can you, its the same with human, you can't judge a person by their appearance... there's outer beauty and inner beauty. the second one is most important. people who are 40 out of 12 can be so mean thats why some people in this world never gets married and dies lonely. some people who are 0 out of 12 are not ugly, its just a dislike of an appearance, some of the worlds most disliked appearances are the worlds most nicest people ever. there's this story about a man who trusted his father so much that while he was at war, he asked his father to choose him a wife. thats how much he trusted him. when he got home, he took his wife in to bedroom n lifted her veil, he was all like "she's not beautiful. she's not beautiful!" he went to bed, his wife woke him up to help her with something really important. during 4 weeks of their marriage, she showed him so much love and heart that he forgot about her appearance and started looking within and he said " i just realized, outer beauty doesn't matter, it whats on the inside. i never knew you were this beautiful."
    this is how much inner beauty matters. u need to learn this somehow. men re so stupid when it comes to this lesson. theyre all like, lmao, lol, we dont nee this and all but i learnt this the hard way... I've got a crush and he's probably a 4/10 but when i go to class, my teachers start talking about him and all the good things he does and how sweet he is. they all really like him and whats your problem if you can't have all of this, you need to gain this amount of admirable values so that you can use it when you need it. this isn't a letter lecture but a lesson u need to learn, not just girls, boys too... some people are shallow, disliked, beautiful, in the middle... they just dont have any interest in whats on the inside. i know so many people who are shallow and people who are not. n i fell for one... who isn't shallow like some people.

    • But if 2 guys came up to you and one was clearly betterlooking then the other you would go for the betterlooking one simply because his first impression is better, don't try to deny it lmao.

    • no, i would spend one day or a couple of hours with each of them and decide whos better and who won't break me into two. im not that type of girl who you think i am so u gotta live wid it. im a good person and i need someone who has the values that i dont and need.

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  • Its not so much that people reject based on attraction, its that not everyone bases 'attraction' on the physical. When those same people attempt to measure a persons worth or value, in their respective lives at least, solely on how they look this is referred to as being one dimensional OR 'shallow'.

    Additionally, when those people who base attraction solely on looks assess the worth of others or place their own personal labels on others i. e; labeling them a 3 with the notion that they themselves are a 7, 8, 9...

    To your mom or dad, you're always a 10++

    To the next person, you maybe a 2...

    I am a heterosexual man who is not attracted to what the 'majority' of my peers traditionally find attractive. For example, I don't like large breasts or blonde hair. Does this mean that women with large breasts or blonde hair are ugly? No. It only means that I personally do not find them to be attractive.

    The takeaway?

    -Don't assume your 'opinion' is a fact because its not. That IS a fact...
    -Dont be so quick to judge or label, it just makes those who do, look ignorant.
    -Keep in mind, the physical ALWAYS fades and then what remains is what's on the inside.


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  • You don't have to refer to anyone as ugly, if you do it sounds shallow because beauty is subjective and what you find ugly another might find beautiful. What you call a 3 may be a 8 in another's eyes. It's not shallow to reject someone because you're not attracted to him/her but it is to assume everyone thinks they're ugly. Beauty is not just a pretty face. If you think it is you are being shallow. ( not you in particular).

    • Well said, I agree!

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    • No I haven't. It's not be personality and my parents taught me well not to judge others superficially. Call bs if you want but your reply reveals more than you know about yourself and how judgmental you are and I feel bad for you because you must be very cynical to think this way.

    • *my personality

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  • Because people who judge others based on appearance are shallow meaning they do not search nor find any use for someone as you say"ugly" which is actually a funny term.

  • To feel better about themselves, of course. Looks are important. Personality is also important, but it is the next on the list.

  • Only ugly people say that.


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