[21/M]How can I start dating with little to no experience?

Well hello everyone I'm a 21y/o dateless virgin and I'm looking for help to chance this. My dating history... well attempts at dating, have been very spotty full of failure and sad mistakes. I don't know where to go from the spot I'm at now.

TL;DR, Bad or almost no history trying to date. What should I try to do?

I was the kid that thought being mean to a girl got her attention when I liked her. Thankfully that didn't stick with me into middle school where I tried to date for the first time. I spent a lot of time playing games so I just came out and asked this girl I'd been playing with for over a year. She gave me the answer that she didn't want to date online. Being 8 years ago I can't blame her looking back on it. That's about all I had during middle school.

High school I can count the my chances for dating on 1 hand, a total of 5 girls I ever had a chance with. Freshman year I made a friend with the girl that lived next to me and walked home with her everyday. The story with this is that we got really close, I liked her but didn't know what to do because she always talked about her ex.

Story number 2,3 and 4 are pathetically short. One girl liked me, didn't like her back and I regret that because she was a really sweet girl. Another was a blind date who thought I bullied her as a kid when she saw who I was, didn't even go to the same school as her. Another was my friend who kept inviting me over to spend time with her, cousin's ex, alone time with her was too strange for me.

The last experience I have is this girl I met by buddy's girlfriend. She convinced me to ask her friend out which didn't happen. Anyway we made friends from being around each other all the time thanks to our friends. We stayed friends for about 5 years, told her I want to date her a few months ago. She didn't know what to do so she pushed me out of her life when her ex wanted to get back together. That just shows how much of a friend she
PT2, was to begin with, I'm just trying to not let that get me down.

I tried to make an online dating profile, shit doesn't work. And that's all the dating experience I have... well failed experience. The only things to do around here to meet new people are bars... I live in Wisconsin and there are 50 bars for a town or 19000 people and I'm not a drinker. Otherwise I can disc golf, fish and go the the gym.
PT3, For the past two months all I've done is work and disc golf with a bit of other things here and there. I have no idea what to do or where to go, my main idea right now is just live life and see what happens. Any advice I can get with this, I would love you for. I'm very nervous because of this... lack of history. Figuring out and doing things on my own has been/is happening at a snailed pace.


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  • There are girls everywhere you just need to spot them. You see a girl of interest talk to her. Be blunt with her. Kiss her on the first date. Don't be afraid to show how you feel. But do it with confidence and stride.

  • You need to travel dude simple as that.

    • Trying to, I finally have a steady job to afford it.

    • Once you learn that you don't need a girl to be happy life is a lot easier but you have to cross that road at some point.

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