Was I just a rebound?

My boyfriend and I started hanging out right after he broke up with his ex. However he says he hates her etc. His mom was really close with her and there is still a picture of my boyfriend, his ex and his mom in her house that I have to see when I go over, and his mom still talks to her on the phone. His hate for her is very strong, this much I know, and he said that although the relationship just ended, his feelings for her ended a LONG time ago and that he had been trying to get her to break up with him for quite some time. I had never considered myself a rebound until I realized that there is a possibility I was one. We have been dating for 3 months. Your opinions are very appreciated. Thanks.


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  • Yes I'm so sorry love but you are. I didn't realise I was my ex's rebound until I started reading into it. It all made sense, the constant whingeing about her, ringing her every morning to talk to the kids and then being in a massive mood about it all day, still having his ex wife's named tattooed up his arm..I could go on. The only consulation I have is that he's probably doing the same thing to the girl he's seeing now. Sad thing about rebounds is that, they'll keep on doing it because they're too scared to spend time on their own and get their heads sorted properly.