Win her over from the other guy who I think is playing with her?

I've been dating a girl for few weeks and i did came to know that she's double dating me with a guy who is 6 years elder now if i go face her she ignores me and warns me saying saying go away im not intrested anyclue how do i win her heart


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  • You've only been dating for a couple of weeks, so maybe in her mind she thinks you aren't exclusive yet. Perhaps just make it clear that you want a more serious relationship, which would involve her leaving the other guy

  • Steal her away every chance you get :D take her on dates, make her know you're interested :) girls love that, and definitely try to make it official so she stops seeing this guy

    • But the situation is she doesn't wants to talk to me she's ignoring me and blocking me from every single thang

    • Well I think that might mean she's interested in the other guy more then :/

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