Ok so I did what I always do, is there any coming back from it?

So things were going great with this girl. I was supposed to meet her this weekend and spend the weekend with her. this is where it went to shit. She cancelled because her friend wanted to hang out. I got pissed. Because we had plans first. She told me to still come up since I already arranged everything. cool. Plans on again. Then like 2 hrs before I go up she said she was babysitting. And I'm like wtf! She said to come up anyways, cause she can still hang out. I got pissed again and said f it, told her I was mad, and I wasn't ready to meet her parents. Things were still ok. Then on Saturday I got clingy as shit because she wasn't talking to me, and she is ignoring me. Is there any coming back from that? I really like her.


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  • It's HER way or the highway, dude
    Maybe some day she will rate you as an equal to those in her life now, but you'll either have to earn her love or simply obey her dictates
    Until then, you think yourself royalty - she's lucky to have you
    and she thinks you a strange dog that better fit in with the others or be locked out


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