Is he not talking to others online? Would it bother him if he knew I was talking to others?

Met a guy on a online dating site, I met him after 7 days of texting, always initiated by him. I think I already have a crush on him. By the frequency he texts I don't think he texts anyone else that much. He replies very fast if I text also. He was at the cinema when I texted and I asked with whom, he said friends, who else is there? Do you think he's not texting anyone else or talking on the dating site? I know he can't stop me texting other guys but, if you were this guy, and not texting anyone else, what would you think if i was texting n agreeing to meet other guys?


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  • Go ahead and date other guys because if he is like most guys he is dating other girls

  • If he is willing to give up dating sites and texting other girls for you and you dont.. Drop him.. he'll be hurt.. simple..

    • If he tells me that and asks what I think it would be different but its too soon to say that out loud I guess

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    • But I can't read his mind either so he'll have to tell me so

    • If you cannot have a direct conversation about something, ask him questions indirectly give same situations but not the exact words.. Best way to know something..

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