Just a general opinion needed? I met a girl at a wedding recently and we hit it off and had a really nice time.

I met a girl at a wedding recently and we hit it off and had a really nice time. Anyway numbers were exchanged etc etc... And we organised a date which she canceled because she was "tired", truth be told I was kind of relived cause I was really beat from work myself. I started thinking "hmmm she's probably not that interested" but I rolled with it and we organised for next day. I had arranged to pick her up and take her into a funky part of town for a coffee and a walk around the markets so we could get to know each other. As I'm leaving work I get a text from her saying "can we go to cafe near my place won't be able to stay too long I'm going out with girls later" I was certainly thinking ok now she is not interested, it's a courtesy date :) I was a little bummed but at the same time I thought well at least I could make a friend. One short but nice date r with no awkward silences and good conversation later... I dropped her home and as she left I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I thought that might have been abit of a weird thing to do but I like her. At this stage I'm thinking hey look mate you gave it a shot and I don't think she had a terrible time but I think I get the hint. I didn't text her afterwards because I thought she wasn't that interested and I don't wanna be that annoying c...
Well next day she texts saying she had a nice night. And we are still intermittently texting we haven't arranged a date again yet. I probably should do this soon. But what do you crew think
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Certainly your opinion I do find helpful but why the bitter rancour? I'm al up for making a friend even if I might of been there for more, originally.
Though lesbobutch I'm taking your opinion and can't help but agree on what you said about time being spent with etc etc...


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  • Anyone who want spend time with you will make her self availed and will not give you the crap ooo we have to make date quick beucase I have spend time with my freinds afterwards. She not interested in you. Many women agree to dates to men they don't like. Think about they get free male and someone to hang out with and keep them company. She can spend Time with her freinds any time she wants. And if that day she wanted to spend time her freinds was not good she would reshedual. In set she but you in a box and try run over you. And first all you first ment was to date her and not be freind, so don't accept being her friend as a constalation prize. What she doing is bullshit. She is saying that you are not a big deal. You want woman be excited about meeting you.

    I never get into contact with her again. And if she calls she has to agree to defint date were she have time for me. And if she is wishy-wasy or maybes me then I pull away and tell I'm busdy person , and I like spend time with you, but if you can't make defint plans get back to me later when you can, so we can set up later.


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  • She's interested.


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