Guys, what do you think about rekindling an old flame?

We actually met on Instagram last summer. It ended up not working out because I had just graduated college and it was an awkward transitionary time in my life where it felt uncomfortable to be dating. But now it's months later and I have a new job and place, I feel really happy in general and great about my life. I want to start dating. We did really like each other a lot. Even though we unfollowed each other, what would he think if he saw some likes from me on a couple of his pics?


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  • If you're gonna try and rekindle don't pussy foot around with stupid likes. Full on contact him and tell him what's up.

    • I feel like that is more awkward

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    • I'm nervous I guess

    • Well personally I'd just be upfront about it. Just let him know you've been thinking about him and would love to get together some time to catch up. I mean if he says no then at least you know. If you try and be slow and subtle about your attraction to him you're just gonna get the same rejection only you wasted days/weeks of your time getting to that point.

  • yeah don't mess around with just "likes" straight up tell him you want to go on a date


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