Would this be totally weird?

My cousin dated this guy 10+ years ago. They have a kid together. Anyways, they are super good friends now and my cousin is trying to set him up with me!!! I said " Don't you think that would be a little awkward considering y'all child together is my cousin as well?" Her, along with some of my other family members are trying to set us up because we get along so well. And the weird thing is he doesn't ever turn the idea down. He doesn't say "Yes, I'd do that." But, he never says no. He always says things like, "She wouldn't be interested in me." or, "She's more worried about (so and so)..."

This past weekend we spent some time together at a softball tournament and I do see where there is potential but I just don't know how that could possibly work out. From an outsider's perspective, would it be weird if we ever dated, or tried to date?


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  • I think it might cause problems in the long run. What if you guys end up getting serious?

    • That's the thing I'd be worried about... but even his daughter said "I would love it if you got with my dad!" I'm thinking it would be totally awkward in the beginning. We do have a lot in common and we get along soooo well! If he didn't have a kid with my cousin I'd be all over that! I'm just scared that if we did get serious and then it didn't work out in the long run how that would affect everything.

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    • That's never bothered me before. And it's already understood that they would see each other because they have a daughter together. They get along well and that's great! That part would bother me at all.

    • Play it by ear then. Good luck :)

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