Is he just playing, or does he really like me?

Okay this boy that I liked since last year, lately has been sending signals that he likes me. Or it could just be my imagination.

Today for an example, He put his arm around me and walked me to my car.

He's been asking me a lot to hang out this Sunday.

He got all excited since I told him he had pretty eyes.

The big problem is... I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend.

Any views on this?

I found out he doesn't have a girlfriend.


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  • This is an odd but (unfortunately) common situation.

    I would recommend finding out for sure if he has a Girlfriend before proceeding. Ask around, chances are if he does SOMEONE knows. Just be sure, and then plan your next course of action.

    If he does, it's your choice to pursue but I wouldn't if I were you. If he is single, let me just say, it definitely sounds like he likes you. The touching/being close to you, asking to hang out and he was happy when you complimented him? Signs point to -->Likes You!<--

    If he doesn't have a GF, start responding to him. Try and be physically close to him, talk to him, hang out more.

    I seriously doubt it's your imagination.

    • I know his best friend, and even he didn't know if he does. haha. His Facebook say's he is in a relationship, but he never mentions her. I don't chase taken guys, so if he does, I'll just have to move on.

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  • Just ask him if he is seeing anyone. Or if you know any of his close friends ask them. He likes you, guys don't put their arms around girls they are not attracted to. And they don't try to schedule future meetings. So you are both interested. If he has a girlfriend he is thinking of having a new one... Just be careful to check his personality, because if he does have a girlfriend and he is willing to hit on other girls while seeing her, he will (probably) eventually do it to you. I hope this helps!

    • Well I found out he doesn't have a girlfriend. Thanks for advice. :D

  • Definitely sounds like he likes you. He is trying to spend a lot of time with you and physical touch is a key signal.

  • you sound relatively young. no need for relationships, just have fun with it. makes for a good story. he's obviously into're into him. see where it goes

  • If all of this is unimagined and true, then play along and see how it goes. So far it looks good.


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