I miss him and I really shouldn't? I know it's long but please help?

When I first started high school (I'm from England) I met a guy we sat next to each other in maths, nothing much happened but I liked him, he made me laugh and is very attractive then when we came back from summer I got sat next to him in social studies and my God did I fall for him we text everyday and honestly? He was such a nice person who I could literally speak to about anything when the end of the school year came we'd be speaking seriously for some time yet none of us took it further during summer I found out he was speaking to one of my old best friends 2 weeks later they were together yet he was still texting me? I was so confused but still replied (yes I know it's stupid) then in 3rd year we got sat next to each other in history so went on the talking. Over the summer he'd moved up in the social circle so stopped talking to me in school? Which hurt...-a lot I felt like I wasn't enough for him. Over time we continued talking (if you look in my previous questions he's the guy I sent a picture too) yet he still talked to other girls but the way he was speaking to me , he really shouldn't have been we might have well have been together. Recently I've come to the conclusion that this guy is just not good for me like I deserve better I deserve someone who actually cares for me and my feelings not just my body and size of my boobs. I still love him obviously 3 years is a long time to be involved with someone your not actually with but I deleted his number resulting in him deleting my snapchat. I already know he's talking to other girls it's not like he stopped when he was actually involved with me but man I miss him and seeing him in school kills me. Hearing him talk in history about other girls too? It's a lot to deal with. He also still flirts with me and calls me babe and baby in lesson. I miss him and I know I shouldn't. How do I get over this already


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  • It sounds like this guy have really hurt you. I would just try to move on. You said it yourself you deserve better. I also think u invested too much too soon, like u fell fast and hard for him before things got official. Time heals all wound. You'll be fine! :) Take things slower next time with the next guy.


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