I'm not physically attracted to my boyfriend at all and I'm scared and I don't know what to do?

He is one of the sweetest funniest guys I have met, he plays the guitar and sings very well, he's a complete hopeless romantic, he's very respectful and I love his personality and how smart he is. I like that he's a bit of a dork/geek. He's someone that I feel I can be completely my self, be open to and honest with. He's a goofball I feel as though every time hanging out with him is like a party. But. I just don't find him physically attractive. He's 5inches shorter than me, he has a very odd shaped head and has a short stocky body type. His ears are weird too. His hands are even smaller than mine.


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  • How tall are you?

    • 6ft tall. He's like really into me but I feel like he's more into me then I am into him

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    • Okay well I am sorry to say this but you have to attempt to change what you like because you are 6 ft. You are VERY TALL. You are a model's height. The chances of you finding a man that tall is slim to none and even if you find a man that is 6 ft, he is still your height. What if you wear heels? Plus you have to compete for him against women like me. Most men according to statistics think 5'7 is the perfect female height. The modeling world is corrupt

    • Dating must be so hard for you

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