Would you date someone with an INTP personality?

For those of you who don't know, and INTP is considered a "Thinker and a Logician."

It affects a very low percentage of society. A famous depiction of someone who is known to be a Logician is Spock from the Star Trek series.

I want people to understand for a second what it's like to be me, and then make their inference from there.

A logician, no matter what, above anything, above ANYONE, they will hold logic above anything, including themselves.

If we're having an argument, I will never hold any biases. No matter how hard the argument, or what insults are thrown, if you can provide true, solid, facts to an argument, I will concede defeat without any emotions getting in my way. It can literally be about anything, even my strictest of beliefs.

There have even been times when my loved ones and best friends have argued with complete strangers, and when the stranger has provided solid proof and factual arguments in favor against them, I have turned against even my friends. Logic and facts do not lie, no matter how much we wish they agreed with us. I try my best not to let my emotions blind me, ever.

I've often been referred to as a robot. But on the same token, I am also known for being INCREDIBLY impartial, lots of people would say I would make the perfect judge. Because I can admit and weigh things without ego or emotions blinding me.

Needless to say I don't get along very well with people, because if there's anything I've realized, most people hear what they WANT to hear, not what is actually logical and true.


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  • I'm very much like you and I like oeokjd like that except when it means they don't " care". I'm all about logic and being impartial and not telling people just what they meant to hear and I'm able to admit fault bc you see the error even if it makes you look bad but you have to have some human factor in there did a relationship. Fir me logic is ultimately about finding justice in the world. If you lack all empathy then it's anything from unappealable to dangerous.

    I prefer logic over hysteria but equal to humanity.

    • But yo used wouldn't have a problem with me bc yours honest. I loved spok he was my favorite I idd tidied with him.

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    • Hah. Sounds like we'd get along just fine then.

      Here's to an annoying world.

    • Cheers ;)

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  • I don't even know my own Meyers Brigs code.


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  • Yeah I would.

  • I'm an INTP, not sure whether I wanted to date a guy my type. Don't get me wrong INTP-guys are awesome, but I'm not sure how two of us would get along longterm. We would be pretty much on the same "wave-length", but how would our apartment look like? Not all P-types are kinda messy (with their stuff lying all around...), but I am for sure! I have been accused of being "too robotic" too, so I'm not sure whether such a relationship would be all that affectionate.

  • This question warmed my heart :) .

    • Haha, why's that?

    • Because I love fairness and logic <3.. in spite of myself, I just really love it <3

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