This is about as bad as it gets not literaly now but don't we all have bad things about us?

Here are some things that are wrong with me...
I have an amputated leg (above knee), I stutter when I talk and I have a lazy eye. Okay so I asked a girl out and she noticed all those things and she was like definitely not and she walked away and I also had people who make fun of me because of those things but if I could have my real leg back I would but this is my life now and I'm only now getting used to it because i had my leg amputated 3 months ago and my lazy eye I can't see out of it, it just goes wherever it wants to go and I can't have a conversation with anyone because I can't say a word without stuttering but I got this one friend who's a girl and she seems to like everything about me and I don't know why lol should I ask her out well try to anyway oh and about the leg thing I was in a car accident and my leg got cut badly and they had to amputate it because it was metal that cut my leg and if they didn't amputate my leg my whole body would be affected so that's why I'm still alive


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  • Do you think this friend likes you as JUST a friend or possibly more? You don't want to make things awkward by asking if she's gonna freak out about it. Also, I'm apologizing on behalf of all good, decent women out there. You don't deserve to be treated any differently than anyone else, regardless of what physical ailments you have! If someone doesn't like you for who you are, screw them!

    • That's right... I have a lot of physical problems and annoyances and you are right I deserve to be treated just like everybody else

    • I'm glad you believe that because you do!

    • I wish that I didn't have to get my leg amputated but life happens and I have to deal with it but yeah what you said

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  • Life isn't fair and it never will be but either you claw and fight your way through everyday to reach a new one with new possibilities or Why Live? Risks are hard to take and Sometimes you get burned but its up to you if you let that motivate you or destroy you. Go for it man, If she's not into you maybe she knows someone... You're still here so you owe it to yourself to at least try!


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