My boyfriend made me upset last night?

He has told me in the past that he thought I was fat. And we had a fight a few days before about how I took it the wrong way and I was making him look like a bad guy. Anyway, we somehow worked it out and I spent the night at his place. I didn't want him to touch me and he got annoyed. He asked why and I said because he thinks I'm fat. I don't want you touching me till I lose weight. He didn't say anything. I went on to giving him a bj last night, and i asked if he was enjoying it and he says "not really". I asked why not? He says "its just not good". I felt sort of embarrassed. I laid down next to him and I told him I kind of felt upset that I can't please him. He told me its not a big deal, and I told him I just want him to be sexually satisfied and he got annoyed with the conversation and he rolled over and ignored me. I got dressed and told him he's an asshole and I wasn't dealing with this anymore. He texted me this morning saying there's more to me than sexual things. I have a great personality and that's all that matters to him.

I feel so weird about this. Is he really a jerk or am I crazy?


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  • He's not sexually attracted to you. You don't turn him on :/ You should really stop putting yourself through this because I know it stings girl and it's only going to get worse if you ever catch him staring at a girl in a way he doesn't stare at you or find out he's jerking off to someone who has traits you don't.
    End the relationship and find someone who adds to your self-esteem not takes away from it.


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  • He's kind of a jerk.

  • He's not a jerk. He's NOT sexually attracted to you. THE END. Find a man who is.. ?


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