When do you think the girl crosses the line between flirting and slutty on a first date?

I like to have fun and live life but I know that sometimes when I think about what I did on a date, I feel it went across as a easy hit.


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  • Flirty = Fun & living life to the fullest while making the other person envious of doing anything with you. That isn't limited to the bedroom, it can vary to traveling the world spontaneously, or going kayaking at the last moment while keeping a desire to be with that person. You give them something to keep them interested in you as a potential date / FWB / etc..

    Slutty - You give them what they want and dress to impress rather than to express. You constantly are at parties and are perceived by your friends as a slut / skank / etc; it doesn't mean you are a slut or anything, it means you are perceived that way (people think of you in that form).

    Either way, I suggest you stick to who you are at heart - do you really want to be the single parent of a child at the age of 14? It happens and it could ruin your life - or bring you great happiness.. To be safe, stay within your laws and wait until you are certain you are ready for such a task as parenthood. (I'm assuming you still want to be a child and experience life ;-D)

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  • your under 18 have some self respect you have the rest of your life to do things with a guy find the right one first make yourself seem like they can't have sex with you and I recommend not having sex till after marriage respect your body and you will get a healthy better longer lasting and better relationship I promise you

  • When she starts talking about sex and her experiences with her ex bfs


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  • i feel the same way, especially if there was some booze. I do have to say the times where I waited to see the guy for a few days and especially waited to do anything intimite with them, it seemed well worth the wait, and I didn't have an regrets