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I've been taking to a girl recently that I met because she was my commuter assistant in college. I met her because she wanted to meet up one day tonget to know my personality because that is her job at the school. When I saw her I knew I had to do something because she just took my breath away. We ended up having a really good connection. Weeks later I showed up to one of her events late and it was only us two there. We talked about our personal lives. She randomly asked what I was gonna do on Easter and when I meantioned nothing she immediately asked me if I wanted to go over her plce and eat with her friends and family. The day came and it all went well when I left she sent me a text to see if I got home ok and we talked all night. I tutored her a week later and we ended up conversating for hours and got really close she even ended playing piano for me stating that she was nervous because I had my arm around her. I asked her that day to go out somewhere with me and she reaplied that she recently broke up so she needs a break. I told her that I understand. From that point on she still shows interest but I noticed that she slowly is distancing herself from me. I'm kind of clueless of what is going on because everything was perfect and this is the first time that I'm in this situation. i really like her as a person and eventhough nothing is really wrong I still feel hurt.


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  • She obviously likes you and she's keeping you as an egg in her basket until she gets over her breakup. So keep doing you


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