What do you do when your SO steers you away from your interests?

If you started noticing you were doing what you enjoyed less and less because your SO always suggested you do something else (keeping sex in reserve in case their alternate plans fell through), you then discussed it with them (they related that they weren't doing it intentionally) and then they continued doing it - how would you react?
  • Not make plans with my SO (I would do what I wanted part of the time whether they liked it or not)
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  • I would continue to try and discuss it with my SO, but if they didn't stop, the relationship is over (I don't accept manipulation from my SO)
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  • I'd be okay with
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  • Other (write in answer)
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  • Just show me the answers
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  • Find a new significant other.


Most Helpful Guy

  • if that happened constantly... i'd guess she's not the ideal girl 4 me...:-(


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  • Eh if she can't deal with it, she can do the dirty and end it. I'm not suffering for her intolerance.

  • I'd breakup with me in a heartbeat

  • i might be old skool, what is an SO?

    • Significant Other

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    • Well then that just means its to you as a man go your own way.

      She won't stop. Its her personality. It can't be changed for better.


    • Okay, decoded the link. LMFAO, I like this little cherub (haven't read it all):

      Girlfriends actually try to use “the silent treatment” which is the worst possible way to tell a man you’re mad at him. That’s like HEAVEN to a man. When a woman pulls “the silent treatment”, just think about what she thinks you did “wrong”… and then do it as often as f'ing possible.

      ... someone's vying for MHF'nO

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