(PLEASE READ) Is he sending mixed signals or does he like me?

I have a friend who I've been taking to and I'm not sure how he feels about me.. These are things he has done
- thinks my stupid comments are funny..
- told me the thinks I have a great smile lol
- said that going to the park was like a movie (we went to the park but I'm not sure if he was referring to that)
-told me about his past heartbreak and said he doesn't care about her the way he used to (implying that he doesn't like her I guess. ?)
- talks about his thoughts in life
- replies to my tweets about guys being like movie characters and said thay they exist and that I've been chasing the wrong ones
-replies to my tweets in general
- replies and retweets my tweets about love and stuff
- Talks to me till 4 in the morning about just life
- says he is tired but doesn't want to stop talking to me
-constantly asks me if I'm okay
- always says things like "tell me more about yourself", "what do you like to do", and "tell me about things you think are cool"
-also things like "what are you thinking of" and "whats trubbling you"
-always tells me if I try hard and believe it I can do anything
- tries to continue the conversation with a different topic when it seems like its about to end
I really dont know how he feels about me, please say what you think.. Does he like me?
Oh and when ever I see him, he always comes up to me andstarts talking to me and kinda but not really leaves his friends behind..


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just go with it. What ever happens happens. Enjoy the ride and don't worry about tomorrow.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not an expert in love but It seems like he likes you. You should be straight forward and ask him Do you like me in another way than friends ( Just don't make it awkward)

    • I just met him though.. Like a month ago

    • So you don't like him back

    • I do like him, but I dont think he like me , especially since he's getting over some girl

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