Player guys! Please explain yourselves. How to manage you?

Im dating this guy who is a player (casual dating). Well, we've just been on a few dates so I dont have proof but my intuition tells me so and intuition is hard to ignore i swear. (Girls are complicated!)

Anyway, what can make a player to stick to one girl or at least does he favour anyone among the girls he'd dated?

Also, does still make him a player if he is still meeting you but at the same time meeting other girls?

If a girl plays along with the player, what would the player feel?


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  • Dating multiple women at one time does not make you a player as long as you are non-exclusive, its called spinning plates. If one girl proves satisfactory over others she may get more attention, but never expect a man to stop spinning plates. A man with options will leave if you give an ultimatum about commitment. You probably can't control him, and if he's under thirty he won't be commiting seriously anyway.

    • Very well said my friend. Honestly, i dont want to be committed to him too. I just want to understand how he's processing things so that I can save my heart from pain lol

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  • Date him if you want to have a good time, have fun and mess around a bit, but just or a short while (3-4 months max) - nothing serious. Just relax and have no expectations. Those kind of guys don't want to stick with one girl, and honestly, even if they did you probably can't trust that to continue, i. e. beware of cheating. So yeah, go ahead if you want something casual for a while. Just be safe about the sex, especially since he's seeing other girls.


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  • The entire reason players have multiple girls is to avoid any one of them having power over them. It keeps them all replaceable.

  • Unless this girl is everything I could ever want, girls are replaceable. Guys who are capable of getting women with relative ease have this mentality. If a girl played with the player, he would just find a new girl. They don't see you as special since he can get girls easily.

  • A guy like that is only interested in one thing. And probably nothing is going to change that.

    • Lets say. He just want that and i'd given it to him. If he still continued to ask me out for dinner and stuff, does it mean he still wants my company atleast?

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    • Hahaha fair enough. Though at least he liked my company. Might as well as enjoy the thing like him :)

    • It isn't very complicated: If you really want to know where a guy stands, then STOP fooling around with him!

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